Thank you for visiting our website. We have been offering IT services with a focus on the computer system development since 2002. Our society has changed drastically over the last 20 years. That is, IT innovations have advanced our society and our lives has reshaped. We believe that we are in the brand-new era that is not the extension of our past. Especially, in the IT Industry, it can be a fatal mistake if we keep thinking on the basis of what we have done before. In this age, we have to distinguish between what will change and what will not. 17 goals from SDGs from the United Nations were set as public value all over the word and we are all required to follow them. Needless to say, in business, we have to create a new period along with those goals shared over the world.


4thWAVE, Ltd. has been offering services specialized in the cruise industry since its establishment. Namely, domestic ship companies, Japanese branch of foreign ship companies, domestic GSA on behalf of foreign ship companies, and domestic travel agents have been using our core system CruiseWorld for their business operations. 14 ship companies and GSAs from many countries such as US, Italy and UK (50 ships in total) have been managing their reservations from Japan with our service CruiseWorld.

4thWAVE Ltd.
 CEO Munetaka Minami


1. We offer systems that enable cruise tourism to perform at its full potential

We had been engaged in the system development of the cruise industry since 1997 and established 4thWAVE, Ltd. in 2002. As the industry grew, various social, social, and environmental changes have happened.

Our society have been moving forward along with those changes. For instance, in the ICT industry, with new idea s and technologies, the fourth industrial revolution has begun.

Industrial structures of our society can no longer be simplified as more complex factors are involved. We believe it is essential to spot things from various perspectives in order to develop a system that can adapt to changes and take advantage of them as opportunities.

Forecasting what will change and will not, we will offer the best solutions. We will establish our core competence on the basis of our experience over the past 20 years and will strive to provide the competency to the all involved in the cruise tours.

2. We make digital services that can deliver the essence of tourism

The essence of tourism is deepening our identities on the basis of the influence on memory, behavior, and the way of living though the interaction with people and nature. We all find ourselves changing through stimulus from pre-travel time to post-travel time…we will aim to develop such a new digital service that enables us to create better relationships with other people and things.



Make the world peaceful through tourism

There are so many types of people who have various sense of values in the various environments. Travelling is, we believe, enjoying our difference and touching what we do not have in our daily lives. Through that process, we might be impressed, or sympathize, or encounter new sense of value, or grow our minds. Development of human beings has been driven by the delight of knowing what is different from themselves.

As a result of tourism, a sustainable peace where we can respect our differences will be established.

About our company name

In 1980, Alvin Toffler, an American writer, published his best-selling book The Third Wave and delivered such an sensational idea that Nippon Housou Kyoukai (NHK) made some special TV programs. The development phase of human society which he focused in his book turned out to be true and we cannot help but feel that we are shifting from the third to the fourth wave. We will strive to offer new value, keeping to foresee what the next wave will be.

1st wave

Agricultural Revolution

2nd wave

Industrial Revolution

3rd wave

Information Revolution

4th wave

Fourth Industrial Revolution


Integrated Reservation Management System


 The only reservation management package software for cruise tours in Japan 

For ship companies, GSA, and PSA 

Integrated Reservation Management System


The only reservation management package software for cruise tours in Japan 

For travel agents



Translation and Management Service for Shore Excursions


Low-cost translation and management service reflecting your brand image based on the comprehension of sales process of cruise tours, which AI cannot do.

Website Specialized for  Cruise Tours and Tourism


Inbound/outbound tourism media mainly for cruise tours. Delivering current situations in Japan and all over the world through voices from university students in Japan

About us

Name 4thWAVE Ltd.
Location 〒160-0023 7-20-1-1001, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL (+81)3-5937-5415
Establishment October 1st, 2002
CEO Munetaka Minami 
Background of CEO Born in Hokkaido. Studied in Australia for one year as an high school exchange student of Rotary International. Graduated from the department of economy. Experienced foreign exchange business in Daiwa Bank, Ltd. Changed career and moved to retail business (a subsidary of Sony Corp.) and had interest in computer system plannig/proposal. Moved to a system development firm (a subsidary of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.) and educated more than 10 thousand employees. Moved to a subsidary of related listed companies and participated in the launch of new business and system development.
Member The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Business System development, system consulting, business planning
◆Integrated Reservation Management System CruiseWorld for 13 ship companies and 49 ships: International Cruise Marketing Ltd., NYK CRUISES CO., LTD., MSC Cruise Japan K.K., Carnival Japan, Inc. ◆The Corporate Reorganization Act Operation System and Operation Support/Development Consulting: Nagasakiya Co., Ltd. and its related companies, Huis Ten Bosch Co. Ltd ◆System Consulting for NPO, nursing care business, and real estate business.
Cooperative Companies Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Kanagawa, Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd., Hokkaido Telecommunication Network Co., Inc., Run Rig Marketing K.K., GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K., KDDI Web Communications Inc., Sony Biz Networks Corporation, Dell Japan Inc.


創業 2002年10月1日



Princess Cruise社(米国)
SilverSea cruises社(英国)


2002年 長崎屋社
2004年 ハウステンボス社(更生法運用システムコンサル)


MSC Cruise社(イタリア)
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